A look at the sports and clubs that took place at P.S.H.S. from 1936-1945

First of its kind

Formally opened in 1935 as Sumas-Abbotsford High School, and officially renamed in 1936 after the death of Philip Sheffield, this high school was the first large high school in the Fraser Valley. Philip Sheffield High was the high school for Abbotsford, Sumas, and Matsqui, and enrolled between 250 – 300 students every year. As a school with a large student body and community support, they were able to build state of the art facilities, such as a gymnasium and an auditorium. The success of P.S.H.S. paved the way for future high schools throughout the Fraser Valley and was instrumental in the creation of large administrative districts. Within P.S.H., there was ample opportunity for sports and clubs, due to the state of the art features, large student body, and changing provincial curriculum. Examining yearbooks, newspaper articles, many pictures, and various other documents allows for the importance that sports and clubs had for P.S.H.S.


A brief history of Philip Sheffield and education in Abbotsford. The events leading up to the school’s opening in 1935, as well as the impact that Philip Sheffield had on education in Abbotsford.


This page examines the various sports, mainly basketball and track & field, that took place at Philip Sheffield High School from 1936-45.


This section of the website looks at all the ways that clubs were impactful for the school, with a main focus on the Drama, Science, and Cadet Club.